Roni Ahn interprets the theme "Protecting Environment is Protecting Ourselves" thinking about what Nature means to her and how we can sometimes take Her presence for granted. Originally from Korea but moved to Hong Kong as a child, Roni Ahn transmits all her cultural baggage and her very personal vision of the world through her glossy photographs with soft colors and interesting contrasts. "I like to go and watch the waves whenever I feel my head and mind are full, so in that sense, nature offers a means to clarify and refresh my thoughts," she says. Grew up in Hong Kong, where it’s mostly known for its cosmopolitan and bustling nature, Roni explains how nature is so closely intertwined with the city. In particular she reminds the nearest beach, her place to admire the surroundings. Never taking for granted Nature in our lives. Nature is beauty and powerful, we can just learn from Her.