THEMOIRè is a project born in Milan with the aim of generating a positive change for people and for our planet with the least environmental impact as possible, in an ethical and ecologically responsible manner.

We take care of our planet as it takes care of us. We offer a positive and proactive point of view, building a network that interacts and connects all around the world.

THEMOIRè offers timeless and long lasting products based on social values and environmental responsibility


After pineapple harvest, the suitable plant leaves which are left behind are collected in bundles and the long fibers are extracted. The fibers are washed then dried naturally by the sun, or during the rainy season in drying ovens. The dry fibers go through a purification process to remove any impurities which results in a fluff-like material. This fluff-like pineapple leaf fiber, gets mixed with a corn based polylactic acid, and undergoes a mechanical process to create Piñafelt, a non-woven mesh which forms the base of all Piñatex fabric.


is a series of projects that create a strengthening dialogue between unique artisans around the world and the values of the brand. THEMOIRè carries out projects to enhance the craftsmanship of a community in situations of vulnerability to preserve the traditions, tell their own stories through pictures and transform their heritage into products that allow us to finance projects in support of that community.


"THEMOIRè is indeed a visionary brand known for its commitment to sustainability and community support."