World Oceans Day is celebrated on 8th June. This year under the theme Revitalization: Collective Action for the Ocean, the United Nations has celebrated World Oceans Day since 1992, following the Conference on Environment and Development held in Rio de Janeiro.

To celebrate the twentieth anniversary of World Oceans Day, THEMOIRè has created a bottle holder in waterborne vegan nappa, a vegan and cruelty-free material composed of water-based polyurethane resin. The limited-edition product is made through an upcycling process and will be sold exclusively on THEMOIRè’s e-shop. Available in a variety of colors, the bottle holder is characterized by a soft vertical cannage reminiscent of the ARIA mini tote and can be worn by hand or crossbody. The line is strictly made of recycled nylon, partly obtained from fishing nets.

The idea behind the project is to make a concrete gesture and eliminate the use of disposable plastic bottles that have reached even the most remote areas, becoming one of the most polluting materials ever. The dispersion and accumulation of these single-use products have a significant impact on the environment at the level of soil, rivers and oceans. Islands of plastic float in the sea and we can all contribute with a small daily gesture to fight this phenomenon.

"The marine ecosystem is an independent and interdependent micro-universe, where living beings and the environment influence each other. A world of balance that must be protected, not only because 90% of our planet is covered by the sea but because water is an indispensable source of life and sustenance.” –Francesca Monaco and Salar Bicheranloo, Founders and Creative Directors, THEMOIRè