THEMOIRè created a special box in honor of World Earth Day to raise awareness to the importance of preserving our planet by protecting biodiversity and restoring nature. Divided into compartments, the box is made of recycled material and contains all the kit needed to plant seeds that will bloom into flowers for the butterflies.

«We wanted people to feel part of our "THEMOIRè FOREST" project, in which we are committed to protect and regenerate forests, mangroves and key agricultural areas around the world, by sharing the experience in their own homes and gardens».

THEMOIRè chose flowers that attract butterflies because the butterfly effect has become a suggestive cliché: the beating of a butterfly's wings can be the first in a series of events that can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world. The simplest gestures we make every day are not just drops in the ocean but decisive events for us, for our well-being and happiness, and for the balance of the entire planet.

THEMOIRè wants to celebrate this Earth Day with GEA bag, mini clutch produced among other materials also in raffia, a true must-have of the season. Natural product of plant origin, raffia is a very versatile and resistant alternative material deriving from eco-friendly production processes.

Take care of planet as planet takes care of us.