TOGETHER by THEMOIRè is a series of projects  to create a strengthening dialogue between unique artisans around the world and the values of the brand. THEMOIRè carries out projects to enhance the craftsmanship of a community in situations of vulnerability to preserve the traditions and to tell their own stories through pictures.

The final aim is to transform their heritage into products that allow us to finance projects in support of that community, generating positive change for people and our planet.


Our first chapter is dedicated to the Mexican community of Oxchuc, Chiapas.

In collaboration with Maya Kotan, that brings together more than thirty women, we discovered their handmade textiles, created on a backstrap loom to preserve the ancestral techniques.

Thanks to the Cantaro Azul Fundacion part of the revenues from the sales of the capsule have been donated to the Programa Agua Segura en Escluelas to bring drinking water to seven rural schools in Chiapas.

For this capsule collection we are using 100% cotton, emphasising the colours, art, talent, imagination and history of the Mexican folklore.

For this first capsule, we are working in collaboration with the Cántaro Azul Foundation, a Mexican non-profit organization dedicated to the design, implementation and evaluation of water programs. 

We join the Programa Agua Segura en Escluelas with the donation of the proceeds from the sales of Capsule Collection N.1 MEXICO to bring drinking water to seven rural schools in Chiapas helping girls and boys to have better hygienic and sanitary conditions.


Our community gathered for the opening of the exhibition held in Milan on 22nd September - during Milan Fashion Week - to celebrate together the Mexican capsule collection and the journey to Chiapas.

Thank you all for coming, here some glimpses of the night!